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Third Wave Coffee: The Asian Awakening

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”

Backed by figures as the most popular stimulant in the world, approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily. This obsession has showed no signs of decreasing in the last several years with the practices of brewing, mixing or enjoying the drip process spreading slowly but surely across all corners of the world.

The steep rise of coffee consumption in Asia has led to an influx of hipster cafes decked with Synesso mach

The O2O (Online-to-Offline) Retail Scene

Who would have thought it? With e-commerce coming into the fray to create considerable disruption in the global retail scene, no one would have pegged that these behemoths were going to make their move back into the brick-and-mortar retail scene – the very one they disrupted. We take a look at both Amazon and Alibaba, considering their efforts as well as reasons behind setting up physical stores to further their hold on the industry.

Where Offline Still Works Better

One of the main advantages

MegaX to Revolutionise the Millennial Retail Landscape

Our previous article on cryptocurrencies discussed initial coin offerings in relation to how the industry needs some form of regulation to move forward. We now take a look at how the practice of crowdfunding via cryptocurrency has been a source of inspiration for a group of entrepreneurial Singaporean founders setting out to make a revolution in the millennial retail world.

To provide a recap of sorts, initial coin offerings (ICOs) involve investors purchasing a number of units of a new cryptoc

Tips for Investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

From crowdfunding to venture capital firms and traditional institutional loans, the global entrepreneurial sphere has seen a steep rise in the number of companies getting funded through different stages of their growth cycle. One area that has gained much popularity over the last year has been in the form of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – leveraged as a means for startups and established businesses to raise capital.

The process basically refers to a company releasing its own cryptocurrency for

The Startup Funding Lifecycle: From Seed to IPO

As if starting a business and entering the world of entrepreneurship is not harrowing enough, startups also have to grapple with factors such as roadmaps and competitor analyses – especially when pitching for funding. One area that is often carelessly (and conveniently) forgotten at the teething stage is that of a company’s growth from inception to exit (whatever form that may take). This usually differs depending on how it plans to manage its cash flow.

We take a look at a startup’s ideal jour

Effective Budgeting: The First Step Towards Healthier Finances

Many of us may not like the fact that a budget is usually the first step towards reaching our financial goals. It’s very often more convenient to have a lax attitude towards our finances – after all, who will follow our Instagram feed if we don’t go for that $30 breakfast?

A well-thought-out spending plan is one of the most important factors in achieving the often elusive privilege of financial stability (which takes on different definitions for different people). This is true for governments t

Trust Funds Are Not Only for the Rich

The term trust fund baby conjures up notions of a life filled with ridiculous comfort levels void of all the issues that relate to the everyday man. Forget mortgages and the like, those bestowed with such luxuries rarely have to think of money as an object. The truth, however, cannot be further from this stereotype.

Yes, there are ultra high net worth individuals who are born into or rapidly acquire trust fund status, but this vehicle for legacy planning is becoming increasingly accessible and

How Online Marketing Can Make You Spend More

From eBay to Amazon and across the plethora of e-commerce sites available at a click of a button, online shopping is an activity that has become part of many a consumer’s life. Among the voluminous number of transactions carried out daily across the world wide web, it has become apparent that consumers tend to spend more when shopping online. This is often due to tried-and-tested (as well as ingenious) ploys by marketers to increase sales. We explore some of the common ways in which these platfo

Relationship Management: The Skills You Need to Make the Cut

When considering the plethora of vocations available across the banking sphere, it is of common opinion that a career in wealth management is one that is sound, stable, and highly rewarding.

Among the different areas or pathways that a career in this subset can lead to is the all-popular relationship manager (RM) position. Aside from the need to rise up the ranks (many RMs in the industry come from customer service or other client-oriented roles), the job also asks for a certain set of soft ski

Take Advantage of Singapore’s Fintech Talent Shortage

The fact that Singapore has been going through a long drawn-out shortage of vital talent necessary to run at optimum is somewhat of an understatement. The contention has been constantly echoed throughout the local press, with the recent Fintech Festival also placing the spotlight on the issue for good reason. According to a recent report by outsourcing and consulting firm KellyOCG’s, 75% of local C-suite executives expected talent shortages to have a negative impact on their business over the ne

Thai Luxury Property Market Gaining Traction

One of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists globally due to an eclectic, vibrant as well as highly hospitable culture, Thailand has also been experiencing exponential growth in its property market. The last several years has seen the country emerge as a valuable area for locals and foreigners alike to invest in.

We look at the rapidly growing property sector, taking Sansiri’s 98 Wireless condominium in Bangkok as an example – a development that has set new standards in quality and

Common Health Insurance Terms You Need To Know

The insurance world is one that is easy to grasp when it comes to its fundamentals, but is riddled with various terms that can confuse many policyholders when it’s time to make a claim. We take a look at the essential tool that is health insurance by explaining the most commonly used terms in this multi-billion dollar industry.

These have been grouped together as they cover the basic functions of the industry. Premiums are the amount that a policyholder has to pay to an insurance company for th

When Renting Makes More Sense Than Buying

The age-old debate between renting and buying one’s place of residence has been whipped to death and back constantly. Aside from the obvious fact that buyers are acquiring an asset while renters are left with little more than a temporary place to live, the pros of renting deserve a bit more attention than the mere dismissive glance it usually gets. Renters often have their own justifications, and we explore why being a tenant may just be the right option for you.

Renting doesn’t require large c

Smart Nation’s Cashless Push and the SMEs That Resist It

The Singapore government has had a knack for pre-empting and preparing for economic shifts and changing times during the last several decades, all to ensure the global success of a small nation with limited natural resources. When it comes to technology, the city-state has been quick to adopt new innovations to adapt as needed.

Since the campaign’s launch by PM Lee in 2014, Singapore has been pushing for the country to reach Smart Nation status. The initiative was set up to empower our citizens

Life Insurance May Not Be For Everyone

It may be an integral part of the modern world but many find the ins and outs of insurance relatively confusing. One is often left to draw necessary information from sales agents in the field, a group notoriously and justifiably known for harbouring vested interest in keeping their KPIs and sales targets healthy. One area of the industry that is touted as a necessary add-on to the likes of basic health cover is life insurance.

As of May 2016, Singaporeans collectively possess 13.1 million life

Demystifying Dollar Cost Averaging for New Investors

The investment world is heavy on jargon, especially when it comes to the various vehicles and techniques required to maintain a balanced yet varied portfolio. One common approach that is used in the investment world for growing your finances is dollar cost averaging (DCA).

DCA has been a recognised investment method for a long time. It refers to purchasing the same dollar-amount of an investment at regular intervals over time – regardless of its price at any given moment. Investors essentially

The Psychology Behind Credit Cards and Spending Behaviour

A great servant but a bad master, credit cards have become an integral part of our everyday lives, offering convenience that many of us take for granted. Many would struggle to find a day where they didn’t take out the piece of plastic to swipe or tap for something.

Many of us are more dependant on our credit cards than we willingly admit, which is a fact that financial institutions and card issuers are fully aware of. Spending on credit comes with its own psychological factors that govern cred

How Facebook Knows What You Google

If we had a dollar for every time the phrase “Google’s my best friend” gets blurted out by someone or other, we would be flying business class on every trip.

With terms and conditions on how online platforms appropriate the use of our data neatly tucked away within ignorable fine print, it’s concerning when our latest searches “coincidentally” appear on our personal feed. While some would dismiss this as part and parcel of being connected to the World Wide Web, others cry foul on the invasion o

Investing in Real Estate Overseas: MY, TH, & AU

The country’s sheer size has kept real estate prices relatively attractive for overseas investors, especially Singaporeans who have always been enticed by the prospect of maintaining proximity to home. The effects of the weakening Ringgit on the Singapore Dollar over the last several years is also a much appreciated factor. That being said, the rest of Asia is taking notice as well. According to a report by property consultancy Cushman & Wakefield, China has slowly but steadily overtaken Singapo