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SPECTRUM Technology and Innovation Club

A mix of thought leadership articles and membership interviews on the tech and innovation sphere.

Legaltech will not replace lawyers, it will enhance their working life - Interview with Malik Anwar, Director of Clarilis

The legal industry is swiftly moving towards exponential change in terms of its automation through the digital economy. Following on from a previous interview with Azmul Haque of Collyer Law, we sat down with SPECTRUM member Malik Anwar, Director of Clarilis SEA to find out more on how the company is delivering and maintaining automation projects within the industry:


Can you tell us about Clarilis and what problems the company solves?


Clarilis was conceived by James Qu

Some Startups Will Come Out of COVID-19 Stronger – Interview with Daren Tan, Managing Partner of Golden Equator Ventures

For this month’s member interview, we sat down with Daren Tan, Managing Partner of Golden Equator Ventures to speak about the rebranding of the venture capital firm that invests in high-growth technology companies in Southeast Asia. He also shared with us his opinions on the ramifications of the COVID-19 global pandemic on the start-up sphere as well as provided insightful tips on how founders can pivot their strategies in these trying times:

Golden Equator Capital (GEC) recently went through a

Will Technology Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Legal Industry? Interview with Azmul Haque, Founder and Managing Director of Collyer Law

For this month’s member interview, we had a chat with Azmul Haque, Founder & Managing Director of Collyer Law LLC – a boutique Singapore law firm with a particular focus on representing emerging growth companies and the innovation economy. The highly experienced tri-qualified lawyer shared with us his strategy and approach towards servicing the firm’s client sector as well as his thoughts on the evolution of the legal landscape in the digital economy:

Can you tell us a bit about Collyer Law LLC

“Robots: Here to Stay But Not to Take Over” Interview with Ken Hirokawa, Director of INDEE Singapore

Here at SPECTRUM, we are always excited every time we hear of disruptive technologies like AI and robotics that promise to increase efficiency when it comes to everyday tasks. We sat down with SPECTRUM member and Director of INDEE Ken Hirokawa who is spearheading innovation through the company’s Singapore arm by supporting startups through its business development and technology consulting services:

Can you tell us about INDEE Singapore, why it was formed and what services you provide?

We set

Projections for 2020: Global Economic Outlook: Interview with Joe Lin, Director of Investments, Golden Equator Wealth

Joe Lin is a force to reckon with when it comes to his keen analysis of trends spanning the financial world, often sharing his thoughts through regional forums and events as well as within the space among fellow members. We sat down with the Director of Investments of SPECTRUM member Golden Equator Wealth to tap his viewpoints on the global financial climate as we embark on unchartered waters moving into 2020:

Can you tell us about Golden Equator Wealth and your role with the company?

We are e

Is the Future of Blockchain in Space? Interview with Zee Zheng, Co-founder and CEO of SpaceChain

For this month’s member interview, we sat down with Zee Zheng, one of SPECTRUM’s pioneer members and Co-founder and CEO of SpaceC hain, a company that has already shown marked progress towards helping humanity thrive in the coming space age. We found out a bit more on how he is leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralised environment that allows the building of open-source software applications projects as well as his vision for the company moving forward:

We would like to start w

"Founders Need Room to Fail to Become CEOs": Interview with Victor Ng from Global Impact Collective Mistletoe

For this month’s SPECTRUM member interview, we sat down with Victor NG, Executive Director (Investments) & Futurist at Mistletoe, who is on a mission to create a sustainable humanity-centered future using technology. Victor shared with us a bit about the drive behind Mistletoe as well as a few of the projects in the pipeline for the visionary company in the upcoming future:

Could you give us a quick intro about Mistletoe, when and why it was created and what is the meaning behind “Collective Im

Spearheading the Healthy Food Revolution in Asia: Interview with YOLO Co-Founder Alex Bauduin

Very few founders share the tenacity that Alex Bauduin exudes: his rapid success in the unforgiving local F&B industry largely due to his laser-focused drive. With the wheels already in motion of setting up his 4th branch (in less than 4 years) of the highly successful health-inspired eatery YOLO, we sat down with the co-founder for this month’s SPECTRUM member interview to find out a bit more about the history of the business and the lessons he has learnt on the road to success:

Can you tell u

6 Venture Capital (VC) Firms That Can Help Your Firm With Your Growth-Stage Funding

From behemoth Mega Funds to unprecedented levels of capital injection over various series of growth, the Venture Capital (VC) space is often first-to-mind when entrepreneurs of today seek funding for their enterprise. Mirroring Silicon Valley and rapidly emerging from regional hub status to world-class standards, Singapore has proven itself to be ahead of the curve in the game , growing its esteemed list of notable locally based VC Managers over the span of the last several years.

Sheer growth

Singapore and Korea can learn from each other to advance healthtech in Asia: Interview with Helen Kim from C&R Healthcare Global

Ex-Biomedical Scientist and General Manager of C&R Healthcare Global Pte. Ltd., Dr. Helen Kim, has been at the helm of the company’s Singapore operations as well as a SPECTRUM member for well over a year, overseeing its growth across the region while providing support to Korean companies operating in sectors such as medical devices, medical technology and cosmetics. We sat down with her to find out a bit more about the background of the healthtech business and its future plans:

Can you please t

The Future of Healthtech: Three Areas that will Drive Innovation

The medical industry is perhaps the least forgiving when it comes to the adoption of new technologies. The healthcare arena rarely affords second chances, with regulators exceptionally weary of any new advancement till it has been tried, tested and approved by a governing body.

That being said, the advantages of digital innovation in the healthtech world are proving to be invaluable, with different government bodies, hospitals and private enterprises jumping on the bandwagon to be part of the n

Why Is Singapore's Fintech Failing To Create a Cashless Society?

It’s been a long journey, one with many chapters that will take time to develop into a complete story. Despite seeing our country move swiftly towards Smart Nation status, many Singaporeans are still starry-eyed by their overseas trips to other countries that seem to be miles ahead in terms of cashless payments adoption. It shouldn’t have to be that hard. Especially for a relatively small nation that is among the frontrunners when it comes to the Fintech world. We take a look at how we measure u

Singapore: Creating a Hot Nesting Ground for the Mystical Birth of Tech Unicorns

Singapore’s push towards smart nation status and continuing emphasis on the fintech sphere has pushed the nation’s startup scene forward considerably, overtaking Silicon Valley as World Number One for global startup talent as of 2017. The country also boasts strong governmental support and a favourable business environment as well as deep access to funding, causing the global business community to focus their favourable attention towards our city-state, rapidly elevating its status as an interna

From Pokémon to Star Island: How AVEX is changing the Face of Entertainment in Singapore

For this month’s interview, we sat down with SPECTRUM member Kazumi Fujita, Regional Director of Japanese entertainment Powerhouse Avex Asia Pte Ltd as he shares with us his experiences and his views on entertainment in Singapore. If you attended the recent impressive NYE fireworks countdown event in Marina Bay or participated in the Pokémon run, you have already been part of one of the many AVEX events organised across the island. While the company manages some of the most well known J-pop and

From Dreams To Reality: Will AR Ever Live Up To Its Hype?

Among the list of disruptive tech advancements that has come into the forefront across the span of the last decade and that has the potential to permanently alter the way we operate on a day-to-day basis is the advent of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). While the former superimposes data or images on the real world, the latter incorporates a hybrid that includes objects from the real world and those from the virtual world (i.e the virtual reality realm).

Promises in advancements a

The AI Journey: Beyond the Bells and Whistles of a Trending Buzzword

It’s everywhere. Increasing numbers of startups, established companies, multi-national corporations and even governments are trying to gain traction by weaving the term Artificial Intelligence (AI)– often indiscreetly – into their unique selling propositions, visions as well as elevator pitches. From The Logic Theorist – a program designed to mimic the problem solving skills of a human in the 50s – to the developments made towards driverless cars, the technology has evolved considerably from the

Softbank's Vision Fund and the Rise of Mega Funds: Is More Capital Always a Good Thing?

Masayoshi Son recently commented that, if Steve Jobs brought to Apple an understanding of technology and art, his unique selling point is bringing technology and finance together.

The announcement of Softbank’s US$ 100 billion Vision Fund was possibly the most momentous milestone in the history of the vibrant global VC industry, both due to its unprecedented size as well as high-profiled investments that were to follow. Mr. Son and his team were about to embark across uncharted waters, with eno

Private Token Sales: Industry Finds a New Normal for ICOs

The cryptocurrency world’s investor profile has undergone a marked change during the course of the last year.

Funding for tokens generally come from a private sale that caters to qualified investors, a pre-sale round where limited and discounted tokens are announced and a crowdsale that caters to the general public.

As the dust settles around an industry that has experienced record-breaking funding levels as well as unprecedented swings in market cap, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to

Don't ICO unless you are a Seasoned Entrepreneur

The terms blockchain, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings have taken centre-stage in many-a-conversation over the course of the last year or so. It is of common consensus that the Bitcoin saga and its meteoric rise was the catalyst for investors – both institutional and otherwise – as well as entrepreneurs to focus on ICOs as a preferred method for raising funds. For many, it’s gone far beyond ingenious decentralised technology that promises to disrupt the modern world.

We sat down with I

Medtech’s Crystal Ball: AI set to save millions of lives

The dictum prevention is better than cure has become somewhat of an adage repeated again and again across the medical industry – and for good reason.

With global life expectancies rising steadily over the span of the last many years, governments are often left with the somewhat arduous yet vital task of provisioning for ageing populations of tomorrow. Taking Singapore as an example, the number of seniors aged 65 years and above will almost double to over 900,000 by 2030. It is therefore imperat

Doctors’ jobs are anything but safe as AI advances: Interview with Emmanuel from Health2i

SPECTRUM sits down with one member each month to share their business model with the rest of the community, speaking candidly of their journey as entrepreneurs in their respective fields. We caught up with Emmanuel Prado from Health2i and uncovered what the disruptive medtech platform has in store for the future:

Were you always focused on medtech or did you come from another discipline before starting the business?

I worked in investment banking and in other functions across the financial sph

Edtech’s Race Beyond Chalk and Blackboards

Asia’s (somewhat healthy) obsession with education has been depicted and portrayed in a satirical fashion for the longest time. Parents often part with their hard-earned money to fuel their kids primary, secondary, tertiary as well as post-graduate pursuits at almost any cost, seen as a means of obtaining social mobility and/or maintaining the status quo through a bright and stable future for future generations.

Asia’s enrolment in K–12 (pre-university) education surpasses the United States by


Part of the overall content strategy by Golden Equator Consulting to help one of Thailand’s leading property developers improve their brand awareness and customer acquisition, allowing them to market more effectively online to overseas buyers.

Bangkok’s Property Values: Highs showing no signs of Slowing Down

Over the span of the last several years, the property world has been creating quite a buzz around emerging markets in Asia and the potential that they bear for solid returns on investments. Across the host of opportunities available within the region, few have shown the promise that Thailand has, with the capital city recording up to 66% gains over the last 5 years - according to a Nexus survey. We take a look at the promise that purchasing a property in Bangkok brings, highlighting factors that

Changing Chiang Mai: from Idyllic Village to Vibrant Urban City

When mention is made of Thailand’s ever-growing vibrancy and eclectic culture, it is inevitable that one’s attention is immediately drawn to Bangkok. The capital city and global tourist offers something for everyone, providing business, residential as well as lifestyle opportunities for migrants and locals alike.

It may come as a surprise to many, however, that Chiang Mai is rapidly becoming a modern, urban, cosmopolitan business hub for young and digitally savvy millennials . Long regarded as

5 of the best family-friendly activities in Thailand

Family-friendly activities are essential to planning the perfect family holiday. Parents want to know that their kids will be sufficiently entertained and catered to, a successful trip is often measured by the number of fun-filled and productive activities lined up for the children. When it comes to Thailand, a less-known fact is that it hosts a wide range of places of interest that are geared towards family fun:

Parents like nothing more than providing their kids with fun that’s educational at

The Easy Way To Buy Property in Thailand

The process that property buyers go through – from searching till signing and beyond – should be a seamless one. The reality, however, is often extremely different. Buyers need to do extensive research on what property to acquire, contact different sales agents, book viewing appointments as well as other necessary paperwork that comes with the purchase.

The process doesn’t end there. After the sale is completed, they often have the arduous task of managing the maintenance of the property. If it

Sansiri Embraces Global Disruption Trends

The profile of the average consumer has changed considerably over the course of the last several years. Tech savvy customers are increasingly placing emphasis on a more digital experience, with businesses often finding themselves in a position where they have to keep up with the times to stay current. The modern day consumer seeks a technologically driven experience, thrives in a sharing economy and enjoys a diverse range of services and product offerings.

Sansiri is fully aware of this need to

King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Legacy & Impact on the Thai Economy

A respected and competent leader often drives a country’s economy forward by instilling confidence and elevating the nation’s profile on a national and international level. Among the ranks of heads of state that have gone down in history as both capable and deserving of respect was Thailand’s late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the 9th monarch that was also bestowed the title of Rama (IX) the Great. He was beloved by his subjects and the general public – often referred to as the Father for the way he

Property Investing - The REITs VS Purchase Models

Property investments have proven to be one of the most stable methods of obtaining considerable returns on investments. The market has created unprecedented wealth in many emerging economies, riding on developing nations’ high appreciation in prices over the span of the last few years. Thailand is no exception to this phenomenon, with the country’s capital city reaching up to 66% gains over the last 5 years, according to a Nexus survey.

This marked rise in values has driven many investors to ex

Freehold in Thailand: Own your Property for the Long run

It is of common knowledge that foreigners can own up to 49% of Thai condominiums while the remaining 51% has to be owned by Thai nationals. Compared to other countries in the region, this is an extremely reasonable restriction. Neighbouring nations offer less ownership rights to expatriates or any other foreign investors.

One consideration in relation to the purchasing of a property that is not discussed enough, is the fact that foreigners in Thailand are allowed to buy freehold condominiums, a

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The Changing Face of Facebook Regulations and How It Affects Startups

Gone are the days where bootstrapping entrepreneurs were required to set aside a considerable sum of capital towards traditional advertising channels. With the advent of social media and the propensity for these mediums to reach audiences from around the globe, the process has taken a more cost-effective shape. Due to the nature of these platforms, marketing has also become more targeted, tailored to audiences that have shown past interest or propensity to be vested in the content being shared. That being said, platforms like Facebook have to constantly pivot their guidelines, rules and regulations in order to maintain credibility and order – which in turn changes the social marketing playing field.

South Korean Startups Look Overseas for Ripe Opportunities

South Korea has created a fertile environment for its entrepreneurial ecosystem, bolstered largely by factors such as sound governmental support, relative economic stability, and advanced tech infrastructure. These invaluable attributes have been further strengthened by healthy support from South Korean giants such as Hyundai and Samsung, facilitating and accelerating growth of startups with their programmes. As the country’s startup ecosystem develops, it is given that it starts to look abroad for cross-border expansion.

Golden Equator Consulting

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Branding in the Digital era: Why and how to go about it

Never before have businesses had the vast resources available today to lay the foundations for awareness among their target audience. As a subset of a company’s overall business strategy, digital branding has become the go-to for ventures of all shapes and sizes to create meaningful connections between consumers and the product or service being delivered. It’s all about creating long-term customer loyalty through positive association with your brand.

We take a look at some of the ways in which

Why Startups Flock to this Seemingly Saturated Market

Many analysts and pundits would argue that it was a long time coming – Uber’s exit from the Southeast Asian scene almost mirrored what occurred in China with Didi Chuxing in 2016.

In the wake of the giant’s exit, there were almost immediate reactions in the form of both Indonesian giant Go-Jek and car-pooling company Ryde joining the Singapore private ride-hailing industry to give Grab a run for its money. Grab’s monopoly will evidently be short-lived.

It can be somewhat bewildering how startu

Uber’s Exit a Feather in the Cap for SEA’s Startup Scene

Many analysts and pundits would argue that it was a long time coming – Uber’s exit from the Southeast Asian scene almost mirrored what occurred in China with Didi Chuxing in 2016.

It is undeniable that deep pockets will add to the odds of success of any startup.

That being said, it would be selling Grab short to claim that their ousting of Uber from the local ride hailing scene was merely a case of whoever could bleed more money. We take a look at what businesses can learn from Grab’s ousting

Singapore’s Cashless Payments Space: A Challenging Yet Obtainable Goal

Many would agree that the National Day Rally 2017 was a catalyst for much-needed change in the local digital payment arena. PM Lee delivered an honest and somewhat satirical viewpoint of our local landscape that has been moving at snails pace – paling in comparison to countries such as China where purchases are often transacted digitally. What was to follow was a scurry of proposals for solutions to the problems at hand. Singapore style:

Integration key to success

We often hear that platforms

The Smartphone : One Medium that Startups in the Region can’t Ignore

We all know how much smartphones have become a part of everyday life but to think that their proliferation has long overtaken that of the personal computer changes the playing field considerably.

The figures are somewhat astounding.

According to a primary consumer survey conducted by Counterpoint Technology Market Research with a sample of 3500 respondents across all continents, almost half of respondents spent more than five hours per day on their smartphone.

The report also found that respo